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company news about Fang Jing, General Manager : Take the lead in defining new standards for smart zero-carbon industrial parks

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Company News
Fang Jing, General Manager : Take the lead in defining new standards for smart zero-carbon industrial parks
Latest company news about Fang Jing, General Manager : Take the lead in defining new standards for smart zero-carbon industrial parks

Plan to build the first "Smart Zero-Carbon Industrial Park" in Dongguan to be a disseminator and practitioner of the zero-carbon concept


With hair in a shawl and a cordial smile, the capable woman in front of her is Fang Jing, the helm of Qingzhou Optoelectronics. She has been advancing courageously in the business world, leading the company through storms and storms, and is on the verge of battle. This year is ushering in her tenth year of entrepreneurship in Dongguan. In 2008, the financial turmoil caused many companies to fall into the quagmire, but Fang Jing saw the danger in danger, and resolutely declined the invitation of a well-known company with a million annual salary and embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurship.

Ten years ago, when Fang Jing chose to take over Qingzhou Optoelectronics Company, even though she had no technology, no funds, and no equipment, Qingzhou Optoelectronics was still only a traditional LED lighting company that was exporting and processing. However, she relied on the company's independent innovation and excellent product quality to refresh the quality of similar domestic optoelectronic products to a new level and gained the trust of customers. It also allowed the company to undergo a magnificent transformation from bottoming out to rebounding, and then becoming a company in the city's "doubling plan".

Next, Qingzhou Optoelectronics plans to build the first "Smart Zero-Carbon Industrial Park" in Dongguan, taking the lead in defining new standards for the Smart Zero-Carbon Industrial Park and becoming a disseminator and practitioner of the zero-carbon concept.


·Brand standardization and standardization help enterprises enter the fast lane of development

"The future development of Qingzhou Optoelectronics should start from the initial sales drive, cross the R&D and innovation drive, and finally rely on the brand culture drive." Qingzhou Optoelectronics General Manager Fang Jing said that Qingzhou Optoelectronics will devote itself to business culture innovation and create openness. , Diversified and compatible ecological sharing cultural circle, from industry incubation to ecological sharing, breaking through the limitations of enterprises seeking individual development, to promoting the co-prosperity and harmony of the industry and the society.

Based on this thinking, Qingzhou Optoelectronics, which has developed so far, is no longer an innovative company that simply manufactures optoelectronic products. Among them, the "Human Habitat Light Health-Simles Health Lighting" project in cooperation with Tongji University has first-class R&D capabilities and innovation capabilities in the fields of optical vision, optical visual art and optical health research; Qingzhou Intelligent, a subsidiary of Qingzhou Optoelectronics The Bio-Optical Research Institute has developed into a technology incubator for technological innovation, platform entrepreneurship, investment and financing, and talent cultivation; and now it has laid out an "Internet + zero-carbon life ecological platform, focusing on building the first "zero-carbon workshop" in Dongguan. Establish a smart zero-carbon building ecosystem, plan to complete the incubation of 100 smart bio-photoelectric projects, and take the lead in defining a new standard for zero-carbon life in China.

From an innovative company to a leader and practitioner of the domestic zero-carbon concept, we benefit from Qingzhou Optoelectronics' diversified and inclusive cross-border thinking, as well as the execution ability of the entire enterprise to face difficulties. This kind of cultural values rooted in Qingzhou Optoelectronics is increasingly becoming the driving force for its innovation and development.

·High-standard health lighting projects are blooming

In recent years, with the continuous changes in the world economy and natural environment, more and more countries have continued to increase energy conservation and emission reduction efforts. In Fang Jing's view, this also guides the development of Qingzhou Optoelectronics and boosts confidence, "because the optoelectronic industry is a key area for energy conservation and emission reduction."

In the exhibition hall of Qingzhou Optoelectronics, a 150W LED lamp can automatically adjust the brightness according to the change of external light, which has attracted the interest of many visitors. This product can continuously illuminate for 50,000 hours, with a shelf life of 8-10 years, which is 5-6 times the lighting time of similar products in the industry, but consumes only 1/3 of the electricity, making life more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The above-mentioned products are just a representative of the many optoelectronic products of Qingzhou Optoelectronics. Those in the industry who are familiar with the development of Qingzhou know that it is the continuous technological innovation and the unremitting pursuit of quality that have won the market and reputation for Qingzhou Optoelectronics.

Entering the exhibition hall of Qingzhou Optoelectronics, soft and comfortable lights are projected, making people enjoy a kind of arbitrary relaxation. It turns out that in different life scenes, different lights are closely related to people's mood and physical health. These are the knowledge that people have neglected, but they are already the status quo of the industry that Qingzhou Optoelectronics is committed to changing.

Fang Jing revealed that with the development of the industry and the evolution of human health trends, based on years of scientific research on the concept of healthy lighting, they no longer satisfy the traditional general lighting, but instead focus on a new height-healthy lighting. In the research of basic stroboscopic and blue light hazards, consider the unique and healthy needs of people as independent organisms for light. This kind of psychological and physiological needs have been rarely seen in the past few decades, and modern medicine, biology, and psychology have all confirmed that the effect of light on humans is no longer the appearance, but the light should be applied to the different light of the human body. surroundings.

In 2015, after the establishment of Qingzhou Intelligent Bio-Optical Research Institute, through the integration and innovation of optoelectronics and biotechnology, it provides a multidisciplinary cross-border innovation platform for optical technology, electronic technology, biotechnology, intelligent technology, etc.; and promotes advanced optoelectronics In-depth application of technology in the biological field. At present, many cooperative projects have entered the incubation period. Among them, the "Human Habitat Light Health-Simles Health Lighting" project in cooperation with Tongji University is a typical representative. This project was proposed by me in July 2015. After 3 years of unremitting efforts, the "Simlers Health Lighting Project" has entered the market-oriented operation stage, and the first "eye-loving" eye protection lamp will soon be put on the market, helping to win the "adolescent vision defense war".


· Layout Dongguan's first smart zero-carbon industrial park

Now, in Fang Jing’s office, there is a blueprint for the construction of a smart zero-carbon industrial park. This will be the dream that Qingzhou Optoelectronics will fully realize in the future. In 2017, Qingzhou Optoelectronics introduced the British Zero Carbon Architects team to start the first "Smart Zero Carbon Industrial Park" project in Dongguan.

Carbon neutral refers to scientific and reasonable calculation of the carbon footprint of various human activities within a certain time and geographical scope, and targeted comprehensive adoption of relevant technologies and management measures to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible , And offset carbon emissions through detectable, calculable, and certifiable methods such as green plants, new energy, and carbon trading, so as to achieve zero net carbon emissions overall.

The sustainability of zero-carbon life is based on an organic and unified platform of environmental, social and economic benefits. "In every space of the zero-carbon life ecological platform, we strive to achieve zero-carbon standards, and set up dynamic monitoring indicators in the form of Internet monitoring. Every minute of carbon emissions is under control, minimizing carbon footprints and achieving comfort We must strive to achieve the international zero-carbon standard. This is our innovation motivation." Fang Jing revealed that the Smart Zero-Carbon Industrial Park will promote standards first, through cooperation with the Beijing Science and Technology Promotion Council, the Green Building Alliance, and China Wisdom. The energy industry technology innovation strategic alliance and other platforms, as well as the government and research institutions, jointly formulate standards, cross-industry collaboration, and take the lead in defining new standards for smart zero-carbon industrial parks.

After the completion of the "Smart Zero-Carbon Industrial Park" project, it will use industrial design as the assistance to create a platform for science and technology innovation and cultural innovation in the optoelectronic industry that combines industrial civilization and ecological civilization.

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