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company news about Qingzhou Optoelectronics-Engine Optoelectronics World Zhiqi Zero Carbon Life; Three transformations have been realized in ten years, innovation and crossover will never stop

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Company News
Qingzhou Optoelectronics-Engine Optoelectronics World Zhiqi Zero Carbon Life; Three transformations have been realized in ten years, innovation and crossover will never stop
Latest company news about Qingzhou Optoelectronics-Engine Optoelectronics World Zhiqi Zero Carbon Life; Three transformations have been realized in ten years, innovation and crossover will never stop

In 2008, the financial turmoil that swept the world brought new challenges and new shocks, but also provided new opportunities for high-quality companies in the market. At that time, LED lighting was widely used in road lighting, landscape lighting and even indoor lighting. In particular, major achievements have been made in some major iconic, demonstrative, and international engineering projects, which have become a model for the advantages of LED lighting and have strongly promoted the in-depth development of LED lighting. 


In the context of accelerating the iterative transformation of the global industry, two Germans opened a lighting factory in Hengli. Due to the change of business path, Fang Jing was hired. Without experience in setting up a factory, nor capital and technology, Fang Jing, who refused to accept defeat, took over the factory. In October 2008, "Dongguan Qingzhou Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd." was formally registered and established. Jing served as the general manager and opened a new page in the development of the enterprise.


For 10 years, the road will be blue, and 10 years have been through trials and hardships. Today, "Qingzhou Optoelectronics" has ranked among the national high-tech enterprises and private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, China's industry-university-research cooperative innovation demonstration enterprises, the first batch of pilot enterprises of the doubling plan in Dongguan, and the twelfth batch of reserve listed companies in Dongguan.


·Starting a business against the trend: from "traditional foundry" to "independent brand" to gain international reputation, and "Dongguan smart manufacturing" to capture the world's high-end market


The optoelectronic industry is a strategic emerging industry that has flourished globally in recent years, and is also an industry that is supported and developed by the state. It covers many fields such as optical communications, precision optics, optoelectronic displays, LED lighting, laser infrared, and photovoltaics.


In 2008, the global financial crisis broke out, foreign markets were weak, and labor costs rose. Qingzhou Optoelectronics was founded in adversity, mainly based on OEM/ODM traditional foundry. Relying on the persistence of Qingzhou people's concept of "hardening internal skills and accumulating thin growth", based on the first-mover advantage of product positioning, expanding overseas markets, it has become a manufacturing and supply base for many European and American brand enterprises in China.


As we all know, German manufacturing has always been known for its precision, rigor and high quality. After graduating from university, Fang Jing, general manager of Dongguan Qingzhou Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., due to his outstanding performance, was able to work in the German Technical Supervision Bureau of a foreign company for 5 years. All Chinese products entering the EU market require certification from the German Technical Supervision Bureau. This special work experience has exposed her to products of the highest standards. Because of this, Qingzhou Optoelectronics has set its sights on the mid-to-high-end market from the very beginning.


At present, 70% of the company's products are sold to the European market dominated by Germany.


In 2009, Qingzhou invested to establish a testing center that complies with the IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standards, and passed the laboratory qualifications recognized by TüV in Germany and UL in the United States.


Since 2013, Qingzhou officially created its own brand LETARON. The company's lamps, power supplies, switches and other products have successfully entered the local mid-to-high-end market in Germany. In 2015, the wholly-owned subsidiary LETARON GMBH was officially registered and established in Germany.


In 2017, Qingzhou Optoelectronics was selected as a pilot enterprise of the "Multiple Plan" in Dongguan City. On September 16th of that year, the Dongguan delegation led by the main leaders of Dongguan achieved fruitful results in the Silicon Valley of San Francisco, USA. On the same day, the 2017 China•Dongguan-USA•Silicon Valley Technology Innovation Promotion and Exchange Conference was grandly held, and the Dongguan Economic and Trade Office in the United States (San Francisco) and the San Francisco Bay Area Dongguan Merchants Association were also established one after another. This move marks the "Global Innovation Cradle" Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the cooperation with Dongguan, an important node city in the "Guangshen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor" in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in China, has opened a new chapter in history.


The main leaders of Dongguan City stated that there is a broad space and a good foundation for scientific and technological innovation cooperation between Dongguan, China and the Silicon Valley of the United States, with broad prospects and unlimited business opportunities.


Among those traveling with the group at the time, Fang Jing was one of the few female entrepreneurs. She said that the government-organized event made her "feel that she has organizational support overseas and has more confidence in opening up the market." During the above promotion and exchange meeting, Dongguan City not only held an enterprise exchange meeting to understand the difficulties encountered by enterprises in exploring overseas markets, but also actively built communication platforms and bridges. This has further strengthened Qingzhou Optoelectronics' confidence in the North American and Mexican markets.


·Collaborative innovation: from "brand creation" to "industry incubation", leading a new era of healthy lighting with "technological innovation", helping young people to defend their vision


As we all know, the combination of production, education and research can make full use of the intellectual advantages of universities and make up for the shortcomings of independent research and development of enterprises. In this regard, the exploration and thinking of Hengli Town in recent years has continued to blossom. At the end of 2012, the "Dongguan Hengli Mould Industry Collaborative Innovation Center" jointly built by Hengli Town, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Guangdong University of Technology and other 6 units, is the first professional town "Collaborative Innovation Center" in Dongguan. Hengli Town insists on innovation-driven, takes the mold industry collaborative innovation center as the leader, actively promotes the "three integration" of industry and technology, finance and talents, and continues to improve the professional town's innovation service system.


Based on the positive policies mentioned above, in 2015, with the great care and support of the Party Committee and Government of Hengli Town, Dongguan, and with the assistance of the Hengli Mould Industry Collaborative Innovation Center platform, Qingzhou Optoelectronics deeply connected with the expert team of Shanghai universities and inspired by collaborative innovation. Next, Qingzhou Optoelectronics found the engine for transformation and upgrading. Qingzhou Intelligent Bio-Optical Research Institute was formally established, which is a dual innovation platform for the optoelectronic industry that integrates platform entrepreneurship, technological innovation, investment and financing. Based on cross-border technology application innovation, with industry-university-research cooperation as a means, and industry-finance integration as the support, the Institute has completed the transformation of multiple smart bio-optoelectronic technology projects, and strives to build a smart bio-optic application operation and crowd-creation platform.


Among them, the "Human Habitat Light Health-Simles Health Lighting" project in cooperation with Tongji University has attracted much attention from the outside world. The project was proposed in July 2015 by Mr. Sun Han'en, the then senior executive of Qingzhou Optoelectronics. However, at that time, the company had neither the corresponding resources nor the ability to transform scientific research results. After inquiring, I learned that a professor from Tongji University is an expert in this area. In November 2015, after the company put forward a request to the collaborative innovation center, within 12 hours, the expert was successfully connected to the expert. The two parties subsequently carried out more in-depth cooperation and established the "Light Health" in June 2018. Joint Laboratory". After 3 years of hard work, the "Simlers Health Lighting Project" has entered the market operation stage, and the first "eye-loving" eye protection lamp will soon be put on the market, helping to win the "youth’s vision defense war".


Although the territory of enterprise development continues to expand, Dongguan has always been the foundation of Qingzhou Optoelectronics. With the help of Hengli's collaborative innovation platform, Qingzhou’s "Optical Technology Industry Incubation Platform" strategic plan was put into practice five years in advance, and the company's second transformation and upgrading was completed.


The good news followed. In 2018, under the guidance and support of the leading service team of the municipal two-level multiplication plan and the Dongguan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the Administration for Industry and Commerce and other coordinated departments, Qingzhou Optoelectronics has nearly 100 sanitary lighting companies in the United Nations and international The third-party certification and testing institutions of major countries have been established to establish a quality brand research center for the bathroom lighting industry to create a high-quality innovative development and shared service platform to help Chinese lighting companies to enter the international market.


·Iterative development: from "industry incubation" to "ecological sharing" and "cultural innovation" advocate a new way of zero-carbon life to win the "blue sky defense war"


In 2018, the Dongguan Municipal Government issued the No. 1 document, which read: "Several Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Beautiful Dongguan to Meet the People's Growing Needs for a Beautiful Environment", focusing on the ecological environment and urban quality, changing the focus for many years Practice in the economic field.


Hengli’s development thinking in recent years coincides with Dongguan’s strategy. As early as 2017, the main leader of Hengli Town stated in an interview with the media, “Through the early civilization creation work and the current water pollution control, we deeply understand that economic construction must be advanced in tandem with urban construction and environmental protection. The city is The carrier of economic development is the residence of the people. Only when economic development is coordinated with urban construction and environmental protection can the people's happiness be truly exchanged."


For this reason, Hengli proposed to speed up the construction of a vigorous and ecologically civilized town. One of the important tasks is to comprehensively speed up water pollution control and create a green ecological leisure landscape corridor of "three rivers and six banks". Start the battle to defend the blue sky.


Time does not wait. Faced with new opportunities and challenges in the new era, in 2017, Qingzhou Optoelectronics introduced the team of British Zero Carbon Architects and plans to land the first "Zero Carbon Workshop" project in Dongguan. This idea has won the strong support of the Party Committee and Government of Hengli Town, and the main leaders and various functional departments of Hengli Town gave comprehensive assistance to help the project accelerate its formation and implementation.


A zero-carbon life is a new way of life that is approaching us and represents the future of civilization. Carbon neutral refers to scientific and reasonable calculation of the carbon footprint of various human activities within a certain time and geographical scope, and targeted comprehensive adoption of relevant technologies and management measures to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible , And offset carbon emissions through detectable, calculable, and certifiable methods such as green plants, new energy, and carbon trading, so as to achieve zero net carbon emissions overall.


It is understood that Qingzhou Zero Carbon Workshop is an exploration of high-quality innovative development paths based on "green manufacturing", "intelligent manufacturing" and "service-oriented manufacturing" for future optoelectronic enterprises. The project will follow the development concept of "one core and three wings", vigorously promote near-zero carbon emissions, that is, centering on the high-quality and innovative development of photovoltaic enterprises as the core goal, comprehensively strengthen the "infrastructure construction", "industry", and "infrastructure construction" in the park. Cars and lifestyles" and other "three-wing" carbon emissions are scientifically managed and monitored in order to achieve the goal of "zero impact on the climate and zero fossil energy consumption".


After the completion of the project, it will be built based on the industrial Internet platform, guided by a zero-carbon lifestyle, driven by standards first, by means of industry-university-research cooperation, supported by the integration of industry and finance, assisted by industrial design, and industrial civilization and A platform for science and technology and cultural innovation in the optoelectronic industry that combines ecological civilization.


Through the cross-border project, the project will integrate healthy optoelectronic technology, smart manufacturing, green buildings, smart energy, information integration, environmental climate monitoring and other fields. The proposed building area is 40,000 square meters, and strive to introduce 100 innovative “technologies” in the optoelectronic industry. "Creative + Cultural and Creative" project, and then create a tens of billions of zero-carbon workshop innovation and entrepreneurship valley.


In the face of the weather, the advantages of geography, people and multiple benefits, Qingzhou Optoelectronics' new round of major transformation and leapfrogging is quickly kicking off.

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